Statement - Juvenile Renal Dysplasia.

NIKONIS BRIA has tested positive as a carrier for Juvenile Renal Dysplasia.  Obviously we are very upset by this news especially as it brings in a completely different pedigree which now has to be followed through.  I can confirm that that Nikonis Rena will be tested as soon as kits arrive from Canada and also Bria’s litter sister who although now spayed has had 2 small litters.  All of Bria’s puppies from 4 litters have been sold with breeding restrictions on their KC Registrations and I can confirm that none of these have been lifted and will not be lifted unless they have been tested and are clear.  I hope that this is where it will stop but to be on the safe side all animals in my kennel will be tested and any  Nikonis stud dogs not in my ownership will also be tested.

For those who are concerned as to what will happen to Bria – she is my daughter’s dog and after she has been speyed in about 2 months time she will continue to live out her life with her.

I ask that that you have compassion for those people who own the affected puppies from the ‘A’ litter and don’t try and point the finger of blame either at myself or the owner of the father of the ‘A’ litter – it is nobody’s fault. We both own very healthy 2 year and 5 ½ year old dogs who gave no clinical indication that this was lurking round the corner.  If anyone wants further information on any of my dogs please do me the courtesy of ringing me personally and I will give you whatever information I have.

All tested CLEAR

Nikonis Ghost - (Sailent vom Portaner x Nikonis Rena)
Nikonis Kimon - (Rocky vom Haus Tepford x Nikonis Rena)
Jupaala Francisco – (Ch Nikonis Yago x Jupaala Ute)
Neerlaws Neeko – (Ch Nikonis Colin x Mercedes Morgan via Neerlaws)
Nikonis Shana – (Arko vom Butjenter Land x Nikonis Rena)
Nikonis Betti – (Yak vom Frankengold x Nikonis Rena)
Ch Nikonis Colin – (Whisky vom Bierstadter Hof x Ch Nikonis Elektra)
Gayville’s Winnona – (Ch Nikonis Colin x Ch Gayville’s Italia)
Sailent vom Portaner – (Timo vom Berrekasten x Hella vom Portaner)
Graychelsea’s Hannah vom Nikonis – (Ch Nikonis Colin x Nikonis Xahna)
Ch Nikonis Yago – (Timo vom Berrekasten x Ch Nikonis Elektra)
Nikonis Karri - (Rocky vom Haus Tepford x Nikonis Rena)
Nikonis Viva – (Jascho vom Fiemereck x Nikonis Xena)
Nikonis Ratta – (Sailent vom Portaner x Graychelsea’s Hannah vom Nikonis)
Nikonis Alfie – (Corjon Mark x Nikonis Bria)
Nikonis Nancy – (Basko vom Deininghauser Park x Nikonis Rena)
Nikonis Varus - (Phillip aus der Neuen Hauffstrasse x Nikonis Bria)

Nikonis Rena tested as carrier
Nikonis Bria – carrier
Nikonis Asti – carrier
Nikonis Abi – carrier
Nikonis Vectra – (Phillip aus der Neuen Hauffstrasse x Nikonis Bria)
Nikonis Amara – double carrier
Nikonis Arthur – double carrier
Nikonis Annabelle – double carrier

Everyone owning one of the ‘a’ litter has been contacted by me with regards to testing their animal free of charge (courtesy of DOGenes Inc.) and only one of those puppy owners failed to return their  test. My telephone number is available to anyone who has any further questions about any animal that I have bred.

Nikki Farley